Keyboardio Model 01 Layout

This repo contains the Arduino IDE sketch for my customized Model 01 layout.

It's a Dvorak layout, heavily inspired by algernon's layout

Base layout

Some plugins whose usage affects the above layout:

  • The Shift, Alt, Control, Shift, and GUI keys are OneShot modifiers.
  • The palm layer-shift keys are OneShot layers.
  • The SpaceCadet plugin makes the shift keys act as shifts when held and left/rigth parens when tapped.
  • There's a MagicCombo set up to switch to using an EEPROM-defined keymap (e.g. set up using Chrysalis) by pressing the top "corner" keys (F21, LED, Leader, and \ in the above image)
  • Leader key, followed by O and L to switch HostOS to Linux (for Unicode typing purposes)
  • Leader key, followed by O and M to switch HostOS to macOS (for Unicode typing purposes)
  • Leader key, L, then Q or D to switch to QWERTY or Dvorak layout, respectively
  • TapDance used to make the Prog key be F21 on first tap and nothing on second (for flashing)
  • TapDance used to make Home act as End when double-tapped
  • The parenthesis keys on the thumbs have square brackets on them on both the Nav & Num layers