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You’re about to meet your family. They’re called the HTML’s and they’re very excited to meet you. In advance I apologise for the heavy metaphor usage.

Just like any family they’ve got their own little cliques and oddities, but for the most part, they’re a friendly bunch once you get to know them. Some of them you’ll spend a lot of time with and really like. Others you’ll only socialise with at family events & Christmas — because you have to.

The HTML’s have three main branches to the family and they are —

  1. The “block levels”
  2. The “inlines”
  3. The “replacements”

The “Block Levels”

The block levels are self-important bunch, but they really do hold the family together. If you don’t tell them otherwise, they’ll always want to be 100% wide and they’ll take up as much height as they want (regardless of content), they don’t care who they offset because as far as they’re concerned, they’re much more important.

Despite they’re goudy characteristics, they’re the life and soul of the party.

The “inlines”

The inlines are quite meek. They don’t like to cause a fuss, they’ll only take up as much width as they need and they’ll always let other tags stand next to them. They’e so meek they only reason they have height, is because the text the contain tells them to. Despite their meekness, they’re really intelligent and nimble. In fact the block levels rely on them to add meaning to their existence.

The replacements