Israel Saeta Pérez committed 2887b61

Change fields to fieldsets in the Comment admin model. The 'date'
field isn't working properly for an unknown reason, so it has been
removed from the interface temporarily.

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File web/hgbook/

     date_hierarchy = 'date'
     list_filter = ['date', 'submitter_name']
     search_fields = ['title', 'submitter_name', 'submitter_url']
-    fields = (
+    fieldsets = (
         (None, {'fields': ('submitter_name', 'element', 'comment')}),
-        ('Review and presentation state',
-         {'fields': ('reviewed', 'hidden')}),
-        ('Other info', {'fields': ('date', 'submitter_url', 'ip')}),
+        ('Review and presentation state', {'fields': ('reviewed', 'hidden')}),
+        ('Other info', {'fields': ('submitter_url', 'ip')}),
+    # XXX: adding 'date' to the 'Other info' fieldset results in a
+    # ImproperlyConfigured error. :S
 class ElementAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
     search_fields = ['id', 'chapter']