1. janauati
  2. django-globalrequest


Use mode:

1. Enter into to the django-globalrequest directory and execute the following command: $ python setup.py install

  1. Inside your django project, add the line:


to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES tuple in settings.py.

'django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware', ... 'jaa.django.globalrequest.middleware.GlobalRequestMiddleware',


  1. Then, in your python code you can do the following:

from jaa.globalrequest import get_request ... request = get_request() user = request.user


-----models.py---- from django.db import models from django.contrib.auth.models import User from jaa.django.globalrequest import get_request

class Comment(models.Model):

comment = models.TextField() user = models.ForeignKey(User) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):

super(Comment, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.user = get_request().user