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A word fuzzy completion plugin for vim.

 +python vim support.

 Just download the file `wordfuzzycompletion.vim` into ~/.vim/plugins and then restart vim.

Use mode:

 Put vim in insert mode and then you start typing, when you typed a part of a 
word press either  Ctrl-x Ctrl-u or Ctrl-k to see the list of similar words in
the current buffer and select one.

If there are just one result, then the typed word is replaced.

  Suppose that your buffer contains above text:
  1 The simpsons
  2 Futurama
  3 Back to the Future.
  4 Features
  1) type 
  sminsons<press Ctrl-k>
  word must be changed to:
  2) type
  smi<press Ctrl-k>
  word must be changed to:
  3) type
  furure<press Ctrl-k>
  word must be changed to:
  4) type
  Furu<press Ctrl-k>
  so, must be showed a list of similar words:
NOTE: as it is the first version of plugin there are some bugs, so, you are 
wellcome either to report them to me or fix them!.


Certain things can be customized by the definition of some vim variables in
your ~/.vimrc file.

> g:fuzzywordcompletion_disable_keybinding:
  - Default:0
  - Details: This variable can be to used to tell the plugin that the '<Ctrl-k>' 
    binding should not be mapped.
        let g:fuzzywordcompletion_disable_keybinding=1

> g:fuzzywordcompletion_maxresults: 
  - Default: 10
  - Details: This variable has the control over the result list lenght.
    Yo can define this variable in the ~/.vimrc to change it.
        let g:fuzzywordcompletion_maxresults=20

  - Default: Preserves alfanumeric chars + '_'.
  - Details: This variable contains an array of 256 bytes that represents the 
    translation table that will be used to split words. Each position should be 
    completed with the char that will replace the pointed position. 
    For example, if you want that words will be splitted with the '0' char, you 
    must put a ' ' in the position 48 of the table ('0'=48 ascii).

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