stacky / trunk / source / Tests / Stacky.IntegrationTests / IntegrationTest.cs

namespace Stacky.IntegrationTests
    public abstract class IntegrationTest
        public static string Version = "2.0";
        public static string ApiKey = "vvfp9MI3DHe4I5dLjQzTXQ((";

        public IntegrationTest()
            Client = new StackyClient(Version, Sites.StackOverflow, new UrlClient(), new JsonProtocol(), ApiKey);
            ClientAsync = new StackyClientAsync(Version, Sites.StackOverflow.ApiSiteParameter, new UrlClientAsync(), new JsonProtocol(), ApiKey);

        public StackyClient Client { get; set; }
        public StackyClientAsync ClientAsync { get; set; }
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