This is a Web-View for the KSP-CKAN repository data.

Can I see a demo?

You can see the successor at https://brohlsoft.de/apps/ckan/

How do I get set up?

  • You need Python 2.7 (maybe works with other 2.x but most propably NOT with 3.x)
  • (Optional) create a virtualenv
  • install the requirements (SimpleTAL 6 and Bottle) from requirements.txt
  • check if the hardcoded values match your whishes and change them if needed
  • start whichever script you want

What the hell do those scripts do?

  • download_master.py just downloads the KSP-CKAN master file
  • gen_static.py saves a static (html) version of the Web-View to a ZIP warning the file-names are case-sensitive
  • ckan_app.py can be imported for use in a wsgi-environment warning long loading-time
  • rundev.py run local development-server