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Project     : PLSQL-Commons
Authors     : and

Welcome to PLSQL Commons! 

PLSQL Commons is a project focused on creating and maintaining reusable PLSQL components. Components that will enrich 
the PLSQL programmer's toolkit. Components that promote the programmers shift from solving purely technical problems to 
actual business problems.

This library include solutions for standards logging, unittesting, template engine and a lot more of easy use functionality:

    * PLSQLLogging is Logging Framework
    * PLSQLUnitTest is UnitTesting? Framework
    * PLSQLMapCollection is Collection Map
    * PLSQLUtility is Wrapped Apache Commons and many more
    * PLSQLTempateEngine is PlSQL Template Engine like Velocity
          o Settings
          o Parse/Syntax
          o Content (Lists(mvp) + templates)
          o Write 
    * PLSQLCompare is generation of .equals(): for all simpel datatypes and complex datatypes including tables, records and xml
    * PLSQLConvert is generation of .toString(): for all simpel datatypes and complex datatypes including tables, records and xml 
You can monitor all new activity at our home page. 
Let us know if you want to hear about new versions and sure any feeds back is very appreciated.

For executing the install script you need to use sqlplus and have setup an Oracle database and user.

1. Unzip the file, you can use winzip. 
2. Connect to your database schema you like to install PLSQL-Commons and execute the installPLSQLCommons.sql file.
3. The installation can be tested by executing the testPLSQLCommons.sql file.

Note that you can check with existsPLSQLCommons.sql that the database doesn't already contain the objects of same name than PL/SQL Commons.

1. Connect to your database schema you have install PLSQL-Commons in and execute the removePLSQLCommons.sql file.


See home page and included unit tests which are our main documents.

Please use the system available on the homepage for reporting bugs and to request features.

Improvements and comments may also be sent to the author.