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Issue #15 open

setup.py build is windows specific

created an issue

The following command fails on linux (gentoo), because it requires py2exe leading me to believe the build method is windows specfic

$ python setup.py build

From manual testing pynetkey works very well when installed as a normal python module under linux (i.e. copied into $PYTHON/site-packages/pynetkey). I manually added link to pynetkey.py (/usr/bin/pynetkey) too, just for convenience.

setup.py should detect a non windows OS and do nothing for 'build', and do a normal distutils install and create the link for 'install'?

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  1. Janto Dreijer repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Yes, setup.py is currently only for building an exe for windows.

    My primary focus is ubuntu and the deb file installer is working quite well. That said, I'd be happy to change setup.py to work for gentoo.

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