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Issue #25 resolved

Data usage not updating properly.

Anonymous created an issue

The data usage no longer updates more than once or so getting suck on showing "Connection open" instead of the cost for the month.

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  1. Janto Dreijer repo owner

    We had a problem in the past with runaway retries due to a bug http://bugs.python.org/issue1368368 in older python libraries, which will go into a fast infinite retry loop if an incorrect password is given. Which is obviously not right and IT was not happy with the effect. So we hacked it to be very conservative by just disabling retry if there was any kind of failure.

    It should be possible to differentiate between the two failure cases (network issue vs incorrect password), however if it failed due to a network issue once, it will likely keep failing. At least this is my experience on SCN.

    I'll think about it some more. Maybe the retries should have increasing delays between them on each failure.

  2. Janto Dreijer repo owner

    Issue should be resolved by changeset d666cc816147, which will be included with the next release.

    Summary of solution: A failure to check usage (that is not due to an incorrect password) will now multiply the delay between checks by 2. A success will restore the interval to its default. The default delay interval is 10minutes (as requested by IT).

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