You will need to have the Google App Engine (GAE) installed to do anything useful.
(S: I think you may need to unpack it in the root of this repository)

About the SciKits Index

The goal is to introduce people to scikits packages that are relavant to them and get them to where they need to be fast.
one page summary of all packages in repository, short descriptions, quick installs and links

This websites acts as a simple layer on top of PyPI and the web interface to the subversion repository.
Hosting of release files is done on PyPI. PyPI already has basic project management that can be leveraged.

You can run a local version with the ```` file.
See the ```` file on how to upload to GAE. You'll have to modify the email address.

About the implementation

More specifically it is a Google web app that intermittently scans for new packages.
Information about the packages is collected from PyPI (via DOAP info: name, description, homepage/wiki, download page, easy_install) and the repository (primarily its location and possibly README file content).

Assuming a developer has code (based on example scikit) somewhere under he should:
* create a username at PyPI.
* modify his
* run "python register"

When a developer wants to update his kit's information, he should update his and rerun "python register".

When a developer wants to release a new version of his kit he either manually uploads it to PyPI or uses distutils (e.g. "python sdist bdist_wininst upload" [


no crontab

The first time you load the package listing things might be a bit slow while package info is retrieved.
You might even experience the following errors depending on your internet speed::
    DownloadError: ApplicationError: 2 timed out
If this keeps happening, check that your is http_proxy is set.

If this keeps happening on the production servers, we'll have to figure out another way do url fetches. Like moving listing updates into iframe containers.

GAE has issues with some proxy setups. Pretty much all of them IMNSHO. You can hack it by following these instructions:

If you find a bug, let me know and I'l fix it.

Janto Dreijer