Janto Dreijer  committed dd366de

deal with possible missing svn server

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 def fetch_dir_links(url, cache_duration=None):
 	result = get_url(url, cache_duration=cache_duration)
 	if result.status_code != 200:
-		return
+		return []
 	items = re.findall('<a href="(.+?)/">.+?</a>', result.content)
 	return [os.path.join(url, item) for item in items if not item.startswith("http://") and not item.startswith("..")]
 echo https_proxy: $https_proxy
 if [ -f google_appengine/ ]
-	python google_appengine/ --debug code
+	python google_appengine/ --log_level debug code
 	echo "ERROR"
 	echo "you need to place the google app engine under the google_appengine subdirectory"