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hopefully fixed robots.txt and favicon.ico this time

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 This websites acts as a simple layer on top of PyPI and the web interface to the subversion repository.
 Hosting of release files is done on PyPI. PyPI already has basic project management that can be leveraged.
+You can run a local version with the ```` file.
+See the ```` file on how to upload to GAE. You'll have to modify the email address.
 About the implementation
 When a developer wants to release a new version of his kit he either manually uploads it to PyPI or uses distutils (e.g. "python sdist bdist_wininst upload" [

File code/app.yaml

 - url: /static
   static_dir: static
+- url: /favicon\.ico
+  static_files: static/images/favicon.ico
+  upload: static/images/favicon\.ico
+- url: /robots\.txt
+  static_files: static/robots.txt
+  upload: static/robots\.txt
 - url: .*

File code/

 		self.write(get_template("header") % locals())
 	def print_footer(self):
+		# google analytics
 		google_analytics = """
 			<script type="text/javascript">
 						if package_name in packages:
 						# check if really a package
 						#~ url = os.path.join(repo_url, "")
 						#~ result = get_url(url)
 					if package_name in packages:
+					#~ package_name_short = package_name.split(".", 1)[0] if package_name.startswith("scikits.") else package_name
 					repo_url = "" #XXX where can we get this?
 					package = Package(name=package_name, repo_url=repo_url)
 					packages[] = package
 class RobotsPage(Page):
 	def get(self):
-		return
+		#XXX are new lines ignored?
+		self.write("""
+User-agent: *
+Disallow: /static/
+		""".strip())
 class RSSFeedPage(Page):
 	def get(self):
 	('/admin', AdminPage),
 	('/debug', DebugPage),
 	('/edit', EditPage),
-	('/robots.txt', RobotsPage),
+	#~ ('/robots.txt', RobotsPage),
 	('/rss.xml', RSSFeedPage),
 	('/(.+)', PackageInfoPage),

File code/static/images/favicon.ico

Old image
New image

File code/static/robots.txt

+User-agent: *
+Disallow: /static/

File code/

 <h1>About SciKits</h1>
-SciPy Toolkits are independent and seperately installable projects hosted under a common namespace. Packages that are distributed in this way are here (instead of in monolithic SciPy) for at least one of three general reasons. Each of these reasons use the same high-level namespace (scikits).
+SciKits (short for SciPy Toolkits), are add-on packages for <a href="">SciPy</a>, hosted and developed separately from the main SciPy distribution.  All SciKits are available under the 'scikits' namespace and are licensed under <a href="">OSI-approved licenses</a>.
+Packages are packages as toolkits (instead of in the main, monolithic SciPy distribution) when:
-<li> The package is deemed too specialized to live in SciPy itself, but is targeted at the same community.
-<li> The package has a GPL (or similar) license which is too restrictive to live in SciPy itself.
-<li> The package is meant for eventual inclusion in the SciPy namespace but is being developed as a separately installed package. It is generally the responsibility of the package writer to push for inclusion into SciPy if that is the desire. However, some packages may be moved into SciPy by other interested SciPy developers after approval by the SciPy steering committee.
+<li>The package is deemed too specialized to live in SciPy itself or
+<li>The package has a GPL (or similar) license which is incompatible with SciPy's BSD license or
+<li>The package is meant to be included in SciPy, but development is still in progress.</li>