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 	return parts['fragment']
-#~ s="""
-	#~ This SciKit
-	#~ (toolkit for `SciPy <>`_) provides Python interfaces to a subset of the functions in the CUDA, CUDART, CUBLAS, and CUFFT libraries distributed as part of `NVIDIA's CUDA Programming Toolkit <>`_, as well as interfaces to select functions in the free-of-charge `CULA Toolkit <>`_. In contrast to most existing Python wrappers for these libraries (many of which only provide a low-level interface to the actual library functions), this package uses `PyCUDA <>`_ to provide high-level functions comparable to those in the `NumPy <>`_ package.
-	#~ """
+#~ s=r"""
+#~ This is a scikit intended to include numerical methods for smoothing\ndata.""".replace(r"\n", "\n")
 #~ try:
 	#~ print rst2html(s)
 #~ except docutils.utils.SystemMessage, e: