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New LaTeX Writer

:Copyright: This document has been placed in the public domain.

The new LaTeX writer (newlatex2e) is in active development.  These are
development notes -- edit ahead!  Ultimately, they will be moved to
the global to-do list, but while newlatex2e is incomplete, they remain

* It appears that all visit_ methods can be turned into before_
  methods (and renamed thereafter).

* Also pass raw text (foo_bar) and not only renderable text (foo{\_}bar).

* Try the commands mentioned in

* <>::

      3.1.6. How can I make a document portable to both latex and pdflatex
      Contributed by: Christian Kumpf
      Check for the existence of the variable \pdfoutput:
      \pdffalse % we are not running PDFLaTeX
      \pdfoutput=1 % we are running PDFLaTeX
      Then use your new variable \ifpdf

* Need to get some simple docinfo field handling. Move language look-up logic to
  Same for admonitions.

* Footnotes should be placed on the same page as their references.
  However, there may be multiple references per footnote, so
  we'll probably need an option and some sophisticated handling for this.

* Make sure we don't break ligatures (and possibly hyphenation) with zealous brace protection.

* Tables inside of footnotes have too large vertical margins.
  Need a "reduced vertical margin" mode, maybe?

* There's not enough vertical space between fields::


* Another edge case with too much vertical margin::

      | :Name:             |
      |     Paragraph.     |
      | :Name:             |
      |     Paragraph.     |

* We want to support underscores in citation references, they need to
  appear unescaped.

* If there's raw code between paragraphs, it gets appended to the last
  paragraph unless we do ``\par``.  That's a little bit ugly.  Can we
  fix this?  (Change paragraph handling maybe?)

* Test that, say, all Latin 1 characters are renderable.  (And
  possibly test more characters.)