Benchmarking made easy

CalipeL is a simple tool to ease development and maintenance
of benchmarks and performance regressions. CalipeL has been heavily
inspired by SUnit and Caliper

The basic ideas that drove the development:

  • Benchmarking and (especially) interpreting benchmark results is always
    a monkey business. The tool should produce raw numbers, letting the
    user to use whichever statistics she needs to make up (desired) results.
  • Benchmark results should be kept and managed at a single place so one
    can view and retrieve all past benchmark results pretty much the same
    way as one can view and retrieve past versions of the software from
    a source code management tool.


  • simple - creating a benchmark is as simple as writing a method in a class
  • flexible - a special set-up and/or warm-up routines could be specified at benchmark-level as well as set of parameters to allow fine-grained measurements
    under different conditions
  • batch runner - contains a batch runner allowing one to run benchmarks from a command line or at CI servers such as Jenkins.
  • web - comes with simple web interface to gather and process benchmark results. Example...

Supported Languages / Runtimes

Planned (would be nice if somebody does it)

  • Java (on hold)
  • Ruby
  • Python


See Installation instruction on wiki.

More Information

...could be found on wiki.


  • Jan Vraný <jan.vrany [*]>
  • Marcel Hlopko <marcel [*]>