Cairo for Smalltalk/X

stx:goodies/libcairo is a Smalltalk/X package providing integration of Cairo graphics library. It contains a drop-in replacement for native GC (DeviceGraphicsContext) to switch rendering of some or all windows to Cairo.


  • Full access to Cairo API
  • Full support for icons with alpha channel
  • Full support for transparency (alpha) for all drawing operations (lines, rectangles)
  • Full and correct support for arbitrary transformation
  • Almost-pixel identical results on Windows and Linux (X11)
  • Ready for Quartz (Mac OS X) and Wayland (X11 seems to be phasing out)
  • Integrates with Smalltalk/X so complete application can be rendered using Cairo



Starting Points

For the impatient Following code will install CairoGraphicsContext as graphics device's default graphics context so new windows will be rendered using Cairo:

Screen current graphicsContextClass: CairoGraphicsContext.

To revert back to standard rendering, evaluate:

Screen current graphicsContextClass: Screen current class graphicsContextClass

For more defailts, see:

Supported versions of Smalltalk/X

stx:goodies/libcairo is available for Smalltalk/X "jv branch", both Windows and Linux, 32bit and 64bit.

Should you need Cairo on any other version of Smalltalk/X, please contact the author by email.


Jan Vrany <jan.vrany [at]>



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