Mercurial support for Smalltalk/X

stx:libscm is a new source code management library for Smalltalk/X. Currently only Mercurial is supported
but its design allow for other source code management systems to by plugged in if required.

The Mercurial support consist of:

  • low-level Mercurial API allowing to query and manipulate Mercurial repositories
  • Integration into Smalltalk/X IDE allowing to commit, branch or merge Smalltalk/X packages directly within Smalltalk/x IDE.


  1. Install Mercurial command line client.

    See Mercurial wiki page for details
    how to install Mercurial on your machine.

  2. Download and run an installer script

    Download script and run it as:

    stx --execute

NOTE: Smalltalk/X jv-branch has Mercurial support already included,
so there's no need to install it explicitly.

See installation instruction for more details.

Supported version

stx:libscm works - to some extent - on three Smalltalk/X versions

  • Smalltalk/X "jv branch" - fully "supported" (i.e, all features should work, this is where libscm development takes place)
  • Smalltalk/X "eXept HEAD" - should work, though not regularly tested. If not, please file in a bugreport here.
  • Smalltalk/X 6.2.2 - generally not supported. The last version working on 6.2.2 was released as 1.0, which allows basic commit. If you need more recent version running on 6.2.2 (or any other older version), please contact the autor.

For more detauls see release notes.

More Information


As the stx:libscm comes free of charge, it comes with no warranty or whatsoever. For (commercial) support please
contact the author.


Jan Vrany <jan.vrany [at]>