What is it?

Platform to allow sms manipulation of lists.

How might it work?

Website access for administration tasks. Aside from that, you'd interact via sms where you phone number is your login.

Basic commands

  • l: list lists
  • l (Lident): list items on a particular list
  • a (string): add new list with given name
  • a (LIdent) (string): add item to a list
  • r (LIdent): remove/archive a list (can access online)
  • r (LIdent) (item#):- remove/archive an item from a list (can access online)
  • h: help

For all commands, longer version would work as well (list, add, remove, help)

Explanation of things in parantheses above

  • Lident: identifier for a list. Can either be the number for a list returned by the l command, or the first word of of the list's title. There's have to be some disambiguation logic here.
  • item#: the number for an item, obviously unique to a list
  • string: is obviously just a string (How do we handle longer messages split over multiple texts? and what about encoding and stuff)? Sequentially numbered in the order they're add.