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 	emongo:add_pool(pool1, "localhost", 27017, "testdatabase", 1).
-## API
-#### Types
+## API Type Reference
 PoolName = atom()  
 Host = string()  
 Val = float() | string() | binary() | Document | {array, [term()]} | {binary, BinSubType, binary()} | {oid, binary()} | {oid, string()} | bool() | now() | datetime() | undefined | {regexp, string(), string()} | integer()  
 BinSubType = integer() <>  
-#### Add Pool
+## Add Pool
 	emongo:add_pool(PoolName, Host, Port, Database, PoolSize) -> ok
-#### Find
+## Find
 Options = {timeout, Timeout} | {limit, Limit} | {offset, Offset} | {orderby, Orderby} | {fields, Fields} | response_options  
 Timeout = integer (timeout in milliseconds)  
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