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list compatibility not an issue

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 A synchronous [[|erlang]] client application for [[|redis]]. Read more at [[|]].
-Changset <<changeset 00f791a3e742>> integrates [[|Eric Cestari's]] higher performance binaries  [[|fork on github]], breaking list compatibility. Until a [[|list]] compatibility layer is written, all keys and values must be [[|binaries]].
+Keys and values are always converted to [[|binaries]] for higher performance redis communication, thanks to [[|Eric Cestari's]] high performance binaries [[|fork on github]]. Returned values will either be numbers, binaries, or the atoms //ok//, //nil//, //true//, //false//.
-For example usage, see Eric's //riak_redis_backend// [[|article]] and [[|code]].
+For example usage, see the stdlib emulation modules:
+* [[|erldis_dict]]
+* [[|erldis_list]]
+* [[|erldis_sets]]
-* list compatability
+Also checkout Eric's [[|riak redis backend article]] and [[|code]] to see erldis usage in the wild.
 * ordered sets