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-A synchronous [[|erlang]] client application for [[|redis]]. Read more at [[|]].
+== About ==
+A synchronous [[|erlang]] client application for [[|redis]]. You can read my introduction here: [[|erldis - an Erlang Redis client]].
 Keys and values are always converted to [[|binaries]] for higher performance redis communication, thanks to [[|Eric Cestari's]] high performance binaries [[|fork on github]]. Returned values will either be numbers, binaries, or the atoms //ok//, //nil//, //true//, //false//.
-For example usage, see the stdlib emulation modules:
+For immediate commit notifications, [[|follow japerk on twitter]].
+== Example Usage ==
+See the stdlib emulation modules:
 * [[|erldis_dict]]
 * [[|erldis_list]]
 * [[|erldis_sets]]
 Also checkout Eric's [[|riak redis backend article]] and [[|code]] to see erldis usage in the wild.
-Follow me on [[|twitter]] for immediate commit notifications.
+== Contributing ==
+Contributing instructions are [[|here]], but since you're already on bitbucket, the best way to contribute is to [[|fork]] and send a pull request.