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 	sklearn_group.add_argument('--penalty', choices=['l1', 'l2'],
 		default='l2', help='norm for penalization, default is %(default)s')
 	sklearn_group.add_argument('--tfidf', default=False, action='store_true',
-		help='Use TfidfTransformer')sklearn_group.add_argument('--criterion', choices=['gini', 'entropy'],
+		help='Use TfidfTransformer')
+	sklearn_group.add_argument('--criterion', choices=['gini', 'entropy'],
 		default='gini', help='Split quality function, default is %(default)s')
 # for mapping existing args to sklearn args
 sklearn_keys = {
 	'max_feats': 'max_features',
 			return AvgProbClassifier(classifiers)
 	return trainf
-	#return lambda(train_feats): classifier_train(train_feats, **classifier_train_kwargs)
+	#return lambda(train_feats): classifier_train(train_feats, **classifier_train_kwargs)
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