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 Welcome to NLTK-Trainer's documentation!
+*NLTK-Trainer* is a set of `Python <>`_ command line scripts for natural language processing. With these scripts, you can do the following things without writing a single line of code:
+1. train `NLTK <>`_ based models
+2. evaluate pickled models against a corpus
+3. analyze a corpus
+The scripts can be downloaded from `nltk-trainer <>`_ on github.
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 	* `sklearn.SVC <>`_
 	* `sklearn.DecisionTreeClassifier <>`_
+For example, here's how you to use the ``sklearn.LinearSVC`` classifier with the ``movie_reviews`` corpus:
+	``python movie_reviews --classifier sklearn.LinearSVC``
 For a complete list of usage options:
 	``python --help``