Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed f54c79d

Put hgsubversion on default branch again to support Mercurial 2.3

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 7f485ed8a4633ea131589758f03ac2c17ae7a6bb hg-git
 a497ed6d9d7d818d2d5a43b1051c305f6d0a8ae9 hgcollapse
-794f3e41ec1e41145251d53d69559d4819c199e1 hgsubversion
+8faa91951bb10b580cbfc2ad065cd26aae47c618 hgsubversion
 d44f996d6c18fcc855687dcb74278b4f20258fce hgversioninfo
 aea051d162a70d2709edb2af7a8cb6f48a08987f histedit
 30bdbd5f6173041fa3e8726195dc21f8fd6082ea onsub
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