adamsrow.tracker / adamsrow / tracker /

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function

Things to remember when deploying an isapi_wsgi app:
	- easy_install munges permissions on zip eggs (the easiest solution is to
		just install them with -Z)
	- any dependency that's installed in a user folder (i.e. setup develop)
		will probably not work due to insufficient permissions

import sys
import os
import traceback
import subprocess
import importlib
from textwrap import dedent

import isapi_wsgi
import isapi.install
from roundup.cgi import wsgi_handler

if hasattr(sys, "isapidllhandle"):

appdir = None

def setup_environment(entry_file):
	Set up the ISAPI environment. <entry_file> should be the
	script/dll that is the entry point for the application.
	global appdir
	appdir = os.path.dirname(entry_file)
	egg_cache = os.path.join(appdir, 'egg-tmp')
	if not os.path.exists(egg_cache):
		# todo: make sure NETWORK_SERVICE has write permission
	os.environ['PYTHON_EGG_CACHE'] = egg_cache

def setup_application():
	tracker_home = appdir
	return wsgi_handler.RequestDispatcher(tracker_home)

def factory():
	"The entry point for when the ISAPIDLL is triggered"
		return isapi_wsgi.ISAPISimpleHandler(setup_application())
		print("Traceback occurred starting up the application")
		f = open(os.path.join(appdir, 'critical error.txt'), 'w')

def handle_command_line():
	"Install or remove the extension to the virtual directory"
	params = isapi.install.ISAPIParameters()
	# Setup the virtual directories - this is a list of directories our
	# extension uses - in this case only 1.
	# Each extension has a "script map" - this is the mapping of ISAPI
	# extensions.
	sm = [
		isapi.install.ScriptMapParams(Extension="*", Flags=0)
	vd = isapi.install.VirtualDirParameters(
		Server="Adams Row Tracker",
		Description = "Adams Row Tracker",
		ScriptMaps = sm,
		ScriptMapUpdate = "end",
	params.VirtualDirs = [vd]

def create_site():
	root = r'C:\Inetpub\Adams Row Tracker'
	if not os.path.isdir(root):
	script = os.path.join(root, '')
	open(script, 'w').write(dedent("""
		from adamsrow.tracker.isapi import (
			factory as __ExtensionFactory__,
			handle_command_line, setup_environment,
		if __name__ == '__main__': handle_command_line()
	subprocess.check_call([sys.executable, script, 'install'])
	print("Now create site using 'roundup-admin install' and edit "
		"the config, or copy a previous instance.")

def appcmd(cmd, **kwargs):
	if isinstance(cmd, basestring):
		cmd = cmd.split()
	args = [
		for key, value in kwargs.items()
	return subprocess.check_call([
		] + cmd + args)

def create_iis_site(root):
	appcmd('add site',
		id = 4,
		name = 'Adams Row Tracker',
		physicalPath = root,
		bindings = 'http/*',
	appcmd('add apppool', name="Adams Row Tracker")
	appcmd(['set', 'app', 'Adams Row Tracker/'],
		applicationPool="Adams Row Tracker")

def set_permissions(root):
		'IIS AppPool\Adams Row Tracker:(OI)(CI)(IO)(F)',
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