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 supports sending logging messages to an email address via SMTP.
-.. class:: SMTPHandler(mailhost, fromaddr, toaddrs, subject, credentials=None)
+.. class:: SMTPHandler(mailhost, fromaddr, toaddrs, subject, credentials=None, secure=None)
    Returns a new instance of the :class:`SMTPHandler` class. The instance is
    initialized with the from and to addresses and subject line of the email. The
    the standard SMTP port is used. If your SMTP server requires authentication, you
    can specify a (username, password) tuple for the *credentials* argument.
+   To specify the use of a secure protocol (TLS), pass in a tuple to the
+   *secure* argument. This will only be used when authentication credentials are
+   supplied. The tuple should be either an empty tuple, or a single-value tuple
+   with the name of a keyfile, or a 2-value tuple with the names of the keyfile
+   and certificate file. (This tuple is passed to the
+   :meth:`smtplib.SMTP.starttls` method.)
    .. method:: emit(record)