Anonymous committed 1ce07f6

Startup code for applications using the python shared
library. Modified because the startup code has to work together with
the runtime support in the shared library.

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+** mac __start for python-with-shared-library.
+** Partially stolen from MW Startup.c, which is
+**	Copyright Š 1993 metrowerks inc. All Rights Reserved.
+#include <setjmp.h>
+extern jmp_buf __program_exit;			/*	exit() does a longjmp() to here		*/
+extern void (*__atexit_hook)(void);		/*	atexit()  sets this up if it is ever called	*/
+extern void (*___atexit_hook)(void);	/*	_atexit() sets this up if it is ever called	*/
+extern int __aborting;					/*	abort() sets this and longjmps to __program_exit	*/
+void __start(void)
+	char *argv = 0;
+	if (setjmp(__program_exit) == 0) {	//	set up jmp_buf for exit()
+		main(0, &argv);				//	call main(argc, argv)
+		if (__atexit_hook)
+			__atexit_hook();			//	call atexit() procs
+	}
+	if (!__aborting) {
+		if (___atexit_hook)
+			___atexit_hook();			//	call _atexit() procs
+	}
+//	ExitToShell();
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