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File Doc/install/index.rst

 do the obvious thing with it: run it if it's an executable installer, ``rpm
 --install`` it if it's an RPM, etc.  You don't need to run Python or a setup
 script, you don't need to compile anything---you might not even need to read any
-instructions (although it's always a good idea to do so anyways).
+instructions (although it's always a good idea to do so anyway).
 Of course, things will not always be that easy.  You might be interested in a
 module distribution that doesn't have an easy-to-use installer for your

File Doc/library/ossaudiodev.rst

    ALSA is in the standard kernel as of 2.5.x.  Presumably if you
    use ALSA, you'll have to make sure its OSS compatibility layer
    is active to use ossaudiodev, but you're gonna need it for the vast
-   majority of Linux audio apps anyways.
+   majority of Linux audio apps anyway.
    Sounds like things are also complicated for other BSDs.  In response
    to my python-dev query, Thomas Wouters said: