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Antoine Pitrou  committed 74e49fb

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r80423 | antoine.pitrou | 2010-04-24 00:54:59 +0200 (sam., 24 avril 2010) | 4 lines

Issue #7943: Fix circular reference created when instantiating an SSL
socket. Initial patch by Péter Szabó.

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File Lib/ssl.py

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      SSL_ERROR_EOF, \
-from socket import socket, _fileobject
+from socket import socket, _fileobject, _delegate_methods
 from socket import getnameinfo as _getnameinfo
 import base64        # for DER-to-PEM translation
         socket.__init__(self, _sock=sock._sock)
-        # the initializer for socket trashes the methods (tsk, tsk), so...
-        self.send = lambda data, flags=0: SSLSocket.send(self, data, flags)
-        self.sendto = lambda data, addr, flags=0: SSLSocket.sendto(self, data, addr, flags)
-        self.recv = lambda buflen=1024, flags=0: SSLSocket.recv(self, buflen, flags)
-        self.recvfrom = lambda addr, buflen=1024, flags=0: SSLSocket.recvfrom(self, addr, buflen, flags)
-        self.recv_into = lambda buffer, nbytes=None, flags=0: SSLSocket.recv_into(self, buffer, nbytes, flags)
-        self.recvfrom_into = lambda buffer, nbytes=None, flags=0: SSLSocket.recvfrom_into(self, buffer, nbytes, flags)
+        # The initializer for socket overrides the methods send(), recv(), etc.
+        # in the instancce, which we don't need -- but we want to provide the
+        # methods defined in SSLSocket.
+        for attr in _delegate_methods:
+            try:
+                delattr(self, attr)
+            except AttributeError:
+                pass
         if certfile and not keyfile:
             keyfile = certfile

File Lib/test/test_ssl.py

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 import urllib, urlparse
 import shutil
 import traceback
+import weakref
 from BaseHTTPServer import HTTPServer
 from SimpleHTTPServer import SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
         if (d1 != d2):
             raise test_support.TestFailed("PEM-to-DER or DER-to-PEM translation failed")
+    def test_refcycle(self):
+        # Issue #7943: an SSL object doesn't create reference cycles with
+        # itself.
+        s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET)
+        ss = ssl.wrap_socket(s)
+        wr = weakref.ref(ss)
+        del ss
+        self.assertEqual(wr(), None)
 class NetworkedTests(unittest.TestCase):
     def testConnect(self):

File Misc/ACKS

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 Kalle Svensson
 Paul Swartz
 Thenault Sylvain
+P�ter Szab�
 Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
 Geoff Talvola
 William Tanksley

File Misc/NEWS

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+- Issue #7943: Fix circular reference created when instantiating an SSL
+  socket.  Initial patch by Péter Szabó.
 - Issue #8108: Fix the unwrap() method of SSL objects when the socket has
   a non-infinite timeout.  Also make that method friendlier with applications
   wanting to continue using the socket in clear-text mode, by disabling