Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed f9cf55b

Fixes #10639: reindent.py should not convert newlines
Backport of changeset 070dc6e359fb, reindent.py now will use the newline detected in the original file and will report an error if mixed newlines are encountered.

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   functions (*BSD and OS X).  Also add new stat file flags for OS X
+- Issue #10639: reindent.py no longer converts newlines and will raise
+  an error if attempting to convert a file with mixed newlines.


 The backup file is a copy of the one that is being reindented. The ".bak"
 file is generated with shutil.copy(), but some corner cases regarding
-user/group and permissions could leave the backup file more readable that
+user/group and permissions could leave the backup file more readable than
 you'd prefer. You can always use the --nobackup option to prevent this.
 import tokenize
 import os, shutil
 import sys
+import io
 verbose    = 0
 recurse    = 0
     if verbose:
         print "checking", file, "...",
-        f = open(file)
+        f = io.open(file)
     except IOError, msg:
         errprint("%s: I/O Error: %s" % (file, str(msg)))
     r = Reindenter(f)
+    newline = r.newlines
+    if isinstance(newline, tuple):
+        errprint("%s: mixed newlines detected; cannot process file" % file)
+        return
     if r.run():
         if verbose:
             print "changed."
                 shutil.copyfile(file, bak)
                 if verbose:
                     print "backed up", file, "to", bak
-            f = open(file, "w")
+            f = io.open(file, "w", newline=newline)
             if verbose:
         # indeed, they're our headache!
         self.stats = []
+        # Save the newlines found in the file so they can be used to
+        #  create output without mutating the newlines.
+        self.newlines = f.newlines
     def run(self):
         tokenize.tokenize(self.getline, self.tokeneater)
         # Remove trailing empty lines.
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