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Ned Deily  committed cb7421c Merge

Issue #10997: merge from 3.2

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File Lib/idlelib/EditorWindow.py

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         # for each edit window instance, construct the recent files menu
         for instance in self.top.instance_dict:
             menu = instance.recent_files_menu
-            menu.delete(1, END)  # clear, and rebuild:
+            menu.delete(0, END)  # clear, and rebuild:
             for i, file_name in enumerate(rf_list):
                 file_name = file_name.rstrip()  # zap \n
                 # make unicode string to display non-ASCII chars correctly

File Misc/NEWS

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+- Issue #10997: Prevent a duplicate entry in IDLE's "Recent Files" menu.
 - Issue #14443: Tell rpmbuild to use the correct version of Python in
   bdist_rpm. Initial patch by Ross Lagerwall.