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   (Proposed and implemented by Mark Dickinson; :issue:`9337`).
+* The :func:`functools.wraps` decorator now adds a :attr:`__wrapped__` attribute
+  pointing to the original callable function.  This allows wrapped functions to
+  be introspected.  It also copies :attr:`__annotations__` if defined.  And now
+  it also gracefully skips over missing attributes such as :attr:`__doc__` which
+  might not be defined for the wrapped callable.
+  (By Nick Coghlan and Terrence Cole; :issue:`9567`, :issue:`3445`, and
+  :issue:`8814`.)
+* The :mod:`abc` module now supports :func:`abstractclassmethod` and
+  :func:`staticmethod`.
+  (:issue:`5867`)
 New, Improved, and Deprecated Modules
   (Contributed by Georg Brandl; :issue:`5675`.)
-* Parameters passed to :func:`socket.getaddrinfo()` function can now be
-  specified as single keyword arguments.
-  (Contributed by Giampaolo Rodolà; :issue:`8866`.)
 * :class:`~poplib.POP3_SSL` class now accepts a *context* parameter, which is a
   :class:`ssl.SSLContext` object allowing bundling SSL configuration options,
   certificates and private keys into a single (potentially long-lived)