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what is it
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets.

main changes since 0.9.4b1
for full details for 0.9.5a1 see the relevant CHANGELOG:

A few (minor) non-backwards compatible changes have been made, please see for migration help.

    + **API CHANGE**: ```` is now the same as ``Property.normalname`` which is DEPRECATED now. To access the literal name (the value which was available in ``name`` until now) use ``Property.literalname``. For most cases where a property name is used the new behaviour makes more sense, therefor the change.

        **Do not use ``normalname`` anymore, it will probably be removed for release 1.0.**

    + **API CHANGE**: iterating over ``css.CSSStyleDelcaration`` yields now *effective* properties only and not *all* properties set in the declaration. E.g. from ``color: red; c\olor: green`` only one Property is returned which has the value ``green``. To retrieve *all* properties use ``CSSStyleDeclaration.getProperties(all=True)``. Reason for this change is that for most cases the new default makes more sense.

    - **FEATURE**: ``css.CSSStyleDelcaration`` supports ``in`` now. Expected is a Property or a name of a property which is checked if already in the style declaration

    - **FEATURE**: ``css.Selector`` has a **readonly** property ``specificity`` now which is calculated as described at

    - **FEATURE**: Added ``css.CSSStyleDeclaration.getProperty(name, normalize=True)`` which returns the effective Property object for ``name``.

    - FEATURE: Implemented, URI may be ``URL(...)`` or ``u\r\6c(...)`` now

    + **BUGFIX**: Priority of Properties is acknowledged by all methods of ``css.CSSStylesDeclaration`` now.

cssutils is published under the LGPL.

for download options for see

cssutils needs Python 2.4 or higher (tested with Python 2.5 on Vista only)

bug reports, comments, etc are very much appreciated!

thanks, Christof