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cssutils - CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python

Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Christof Hoeke Published under the LGPL, see http://cthedot.de/cssutils/license.html

A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets. Partly implements the DOM Level 2 Style Stylesheets and DOM Level 2 CSS interfaces.

Please visit http://cthedot.de/cssutils/ for full details and updates.


From 0.9 cssutils uses EasyInstall. Please find installation instructions and more information about EasyInstall from http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall#installation-instructions.

After installing EasyInstall simple use:

> easy_install cssutils

to install the latest version of cssutils.

Alternatively download the provided source distribution. Expand the file and from a command line install with:

> python setup.py install

Before using EasyInstall the first time or using the sdist please remove any old version which should be installed at PYTHONDIR/Lib/site-packages/cssutils.

known issues

  • CSSStyleDeclaration.getCSSValue and Value Classes are not fully implemented. These are currently in work and may be fully implemented in one of the next releases (0.9.2)
  • Grant Surratt not implemented according to spec (plan: 0.9.2)
  • CSS2Properties not implemented completely (setting a property does not set related properties like setting margin does not set margin-left etc
  • Tantek hack (using voice-family) is mangled so does not work after reserializing. This is as property order is changed and the hack needs a specific order. Other CSS hacks do work though (e.g. color: red; c\olor: green;.
  • escapes of CSS special characters does not really work but is very uncommon (e.g A without being an atkeyword or .1 being a classname selector)
  • Unexpected end of style sheet not handled according to spec
  • Properties are not bound to any CSS Version, so all properties are handled so NOT as described in http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/syndata.html#parsing-errors "Illegal values". (A future version might be customizable to a specific CSS version like 1.0 or 2.1)
  • Property.value is only checked for valid CSS2 properties, so will accept more than allowed. In case of an error a WARNING is issued only


  • TODO: FEATURE: Implementation of css.CSSValue
0.9.2a2 071017
  • API CHANGE: removed cssutils.util.normalize function, use static (but private!) method cssutils.util.Base._normalize if absolutely needed which may be change too though
  • API CHANGE (minor): removed getFormatted and `pprint from various classes which were both DEPRECATED for some time anyway
  • API CHANGE (minor): _Property.value is DEPRECATED, use _Property.cssValue.cssText instead, _Property is defined as private anyway so should not be used directly

API CHANGE (minor): removed Tokenizer.tokensupto which was used internally only

  • CHANGE: Numbers and Dimensions starting with "." like ".1em" in the original stylesheet will be output as "0.1em" with a proceding 0 now.
  • CHANGE: Report of parsing errors have a slightly different syntax now.
  • FEATURE: New Preferences.omitLastSemicolon option. If True omits ; after last property of CSSStyleDeclaration
  • BUGFIX: The css validator definition for "num" was wrong, so values like -5.5em would issue a warning but should be correct
  • BUGFIX: Dimension were not parsed correcly so 1em5 was parsed a "1em" + 5 which should really be one "1em5" were "em5" is an unknown dimension. This had probably no effect on current stylesheets but was a tokenizing error
  • BUGFIX: Parsing of nested blocks like {}, [] or () is improved
  • BUGFIX: Comment were not parsed correctly, now /*\*/ is a valid comment
  • BUGFIX: css.Selector had a warning which called "warning" which in fact is named "warn". Some other error messages gave token list instead of a more useful string in case of an error, that is fixed as well (CSSComment and CSSValue).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Line number are still not given for all errors reported but for at least some more now
  • IMPROVEMENT: Performance of the tokenizer has been improved, it is now about 20% faster (testing the unittests) which may not hold for all usages but is not too bad as well ;)
0.9.2a1 070610
  • FEATURE: Partly Implemented css.CSS2Properties so you can now use:

    >>> sheet = cssutils.parseString('a { font-style: italic; }')
    >>> style = sheet.cssRules[0].style
    >>> style.fontStyle = 'normal'
    >>> print style.fontStyle

    Each property can be retrieved from CSSStyleDeclaration object with its name as

an object property. Names with "-" in it like font-style need to be called by the respective DOM name fontStyle.

Setting a property value works the same way and even del which effectively removes a property from a CSSStyleDeclaration works. For details see


Not implemented are the finer details, see the module documentation of cssutils.css.cssproperties.
  • BUGFIX: CSSStyleDeclaration.getPropertyCSSValue returns None for all shorthand properties
  • refactored some parts and added more tests
0.9.1b3 070114
  • CHANGE for Serializer preference options:

    new name + defaultAtKeyword instead of normalkeyword + defaultPropertyName instead of normalpropertyname

    camelcase now: + keepComments instead of keepComments + lineNumbers instead of linenumbers

    replaced (see below) + keepAllProperties instead of keepsimilarnamedproperties

  • FEATURE: Serializer.prefs.keepAllProperties replaces `` keepsimilarnamedproperties:

    if True all properties given in the parsed CSS are kept. This may be useful for cases like:

    background: url(1.gif) fixed;
    background: url(2.gif) scroll;

    Certain UAs may not know fixed and will therefor ignore property 1 but an application might simply like to prettyprint the stylesheet without loosing any information.

    Defaults to False.

    See examples/serialize.py for an usage example.

  • FEATURE(experimental, might change!):

    CSSStyleDeclaration.getSameNamePropertyList(name) Experimental method to retrieve a SameNamePropertyList object which holds all Properties with the given name. The object has an attribute name and a list of Property objects each with an actual name, value and priority.

    CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty has a new positional parameter overwrite which defines if the property which is set overwrites any former value (or values, see getSameNamePropertyList) (default behaviour) or the given value is appended to any former value (overwrite=False). Useful for cases where a property should have different values for different UAs.

    Example 1: CSS hacks:

    width: 100px; /* wrong box model value for IE5-5.5 */
    padding: 5px;
    w\idth: 90px; /* correct box model value for later browsers */

    Example 2: UA capabilities:

    background: url(2.gif) scroll; /* Fallback for UA which do not understand fixed */
    background: url(1.gif) fixed; /* UA which do know fixed */
  • FEATURE: Reimplemented csscapture, which uses the new serializer preference keepAllProperties

  • BUGFIX(major!): Serializer outputs actual property depending on Property priority out now

    see examples/serialize.py

  • BUGFIX(minor): Parameter name for CSSStyleDeclaration.XXX(name)` is normalized now, so color, c\olor and COLOR are all equivalent

0.9.1b2 070111
  • FEATURE: added Serializer.prefs.keepsimilarnamedproperties:

    if True all properties with the same normalname but different actual names are kept, e.g. color, color, color. This is mainly useful to keep a stylesheet complete which uses xbrowser hacks as above.

    UPDATE IN 0.9.1b3!

  • BUGFIX (minor): Serializer.prefs.normalpropertyname did not work properly if a property was set 2 times in the same declaration, e.g. color: red;c\olor: green setting the pref to False results in c\olor: green now.

  • BUGFIX (minor): Serializing of CSSStyleDeclaration did not work well when CSSComments were mixed with Properties.

  • FUTURE CHANGE: readonly will be removed from most rules. It is not used anyway, may be readded in a future release

  • CHANGE: order of constructor parameters changed in CSSImportRule. Should be no problem as positional parameters are discouraged anyway

  • CHANGE: cssutils needs Python 2.4 from the release on as it uses the buildin set

  • CHANGE: removed CSSMediaRule.addRule which was deprecated anyway

  • FEATURE: implemented Alexander Page CSSRule including testcases

  • FEATURE: implemented namespace CSSRule according to http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-css3-namespace-20060828/ with the following changes
    • the url() syntax is not implemented as it may (?) be deprecated anyway
    • added namespace parsing to Selector, see http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors/
    • CSSStyleSheet checks if all namespaces in CSSStyleRules have been declared with CSSNamespaceRules. If not the rule's valid property is set to False and the serializer omits it (you may change Preferences.removeInvalid to change this behaviour).
    • CSSStyleSheet and Selector object have a new propery namespaces which currently contain declared and used namespace prefixes (!), this may change in the future so use with care if at all.
  • FEATURE: implemented CSSRule.parentStyleSheet for all rules

  • FEATURE: implemented CSSRule.parentRule for relevant rules (all allowed in Media)

  • BUGFIX: Set parentStyleSheet and parentRule as instance vars in css.CSSRule instead as class vars

  • BUGFIX: CSSComment raised exception if setting cssText with empty string - fixed

  • DOCS: generated docs with epydoc which are then included in src dist. Source documentation is cleaned up a bit.

  • INTERNAL: Refactored some unittests

  • INTERNAL: implementation based on DOM Level 2 Style Recommendation as opposed to the Proposed Recommendation now. As there are no main changes I could find this does not make any difference...

  • CHANGE, renamed Serializer.prefs.srcatkeyword to Serializer.prefs.normalkeyword which work just the other way round but work as Serializer.prefs.normalpropertyname

  • BUGFIX in css.Selector and added support regarding handling of pseudoclasses (:x or :x()) and pseudoelements ::x

  • BUGFIX and refactoring in tokenizer, mostly regarding escape sequences
    • combination of and NEWLINE in a string is removed according to spec now
  • added Serializer.prefs.normalpropertyname, if True, property names are normalized if known (color), else literal form from CSS src is used (e.g. c\olor). Defaults to True.

  • removed Token.literal which value is in value now, normalized value is in normalvalue

  • removed Token.ESCAPE. Escapes are contained in IDENTifiers now.

  • internal change: WS is generally kept by tokenizer now, former normalized value u' ' is hold in Token.normalvalue. Serializer does not use it yet and some classes (like Selector) use normalvalue.

    uses normalized form of keyword in source CSS if True (e.g. Osman Üngür), else literal form in CSS sourcefile (e.g. i\mport). Defaults to True.

  • NEW Serializer.prefs.keepcomments removes all comments if False, defaults to True

  • NEW Serializer.prefs.srcatkeyword UPDATE see 9.91a1

  • fixed tokenizer to handle at least simple escapes like c\olor which is the same as color. The original value is preserved but not used yet except in CSSComments which preserve the original values. See also Serializer.prefs.srcatkeywords

  • CSSMediaRule tested and lots of bugfixes
    • constructor has no parameters anymore (mediaText is removed!)
    • addRule is DEPRECATED, use insertRule(rule) with no index instead. Synchronized with CSSStyleSheet.insertRule
  • setting of CSSImportRule.media removed, use methods of this object directly. Synchronized with CSSMediaRule.media

  • CSSStyleSheet.insertRule raises xml.dom.IndexSizeErr if an invalid index is given. Index may be None in which case the rule will be appended.

    Synchronized with CSSMediaRule.insertRule

  • CSSStyleDeclaration bugfixes in parsing invalid tokens

  • stylesheets.MediaList bugfixes in parsing uppercase media values like PRINT

  • added more unittests (CSSMediaRule)

  • various bugfixes

0.9a5 061015
  • reimplemented property validator:
    • for unknown CSS2 Properties a INFO message is logged
    • for invalid CSS2 Property values a WARNING message is issued
  • atrules have a new property atkeyword which is the keyword used in the CSS provided. Normally something like "Osman Üngür" but may also be an escaped version like "Osman Üngür" or a custom one used in CSSUnknownRule.

  • tokenizer and css.selector.Selector
    • added CSS3 combinator ~
    • added CSS3 attribute selectors ^=, $=, *=
    • added CSS3 pseudo selector :: and pseudo-functions like :lang(fr)
  • Token
    • added some new constants mainly replacing DELIM, e.g. UNIVERSAL, GREATER, PLUS, TILDE

    (CSS3 see http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors)

  • Improved parsing of "Unexpected end of string" according to spec

  • fixed serializing of CSSUnknownRule if valid == False

  • Properties may also be set with a numeric value now, before everything had to be a string. Direct use of _Property is discouraged though as it may well be changed again in a future version.

0.9a4 060927
  • CSSStyleSheet:
    • removed init parameter type which is now set as a static type to "text/css"
    • removed addRule which emits DeprecationWarning now Use insertRule without parameter index
    • added new methods setSerializer(cssserializer) and setSerializerPref(self, pref, value) to control output of a stylesheet directly.
  • CSSStyleRule:
    • new property selectorList is an instance of SelectorList which contains a list of all Selector elements of the rule
    • removed addSelector() and getSelectors(), use property selectorList instead
    • removed getStyleDeclaration() and setStyleDeclaration(), use property style instead
  • CSSStyleDeclaration:
    • new constructor parameter cssText
  • moved SelectorList, Selector and Property to own modules. Should not be used directly yet anyway.

  • Token: renamed IMPORTANT to IMPORTANT_SYM

  • unittests:
    • added tests for CSSStyleSheet, CSSStyleRule, SelectorList, Selector CSSStyleDeclaration, _Property
0.9a3 - 060909
  • refined EasyInstall (still some issues to be done)

  • CSSCharsetRule serialized and parsed according to spec only as Grant Surratt "ENCODING"; so no comments allowed, only one space before encoding string which MUST use " as delimiter (see http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/syndata.html#q23)


  • added tests for setting empty cssText for all Raul Estrada and CSSStyleRule

  • bugfixes
    • CSSStyleDeclaration: Of two Properties if written directly after another``a:1;b:2`` one was swallowed
  • CSSSerializer:

    added new class cssutils.serialize.Preferences to control output or CSSSerializer

0.9a2 - 060908
  • using setuptools for deployment
    • new script cssparse which pprints css "filename"
  • subpackages css and stylesheets are directly available from cssutils now

  • renamed module cssutils.cssparser to cssutils.parse which should not be used directly anyway. Always use cssutils.CSSParser or cssutils.parse (s.b)

  • added utility functions parse(cssText) and parse(filename, encoding='utf-8') to cssutils main package which work like the CSSParser functions with the same name and API

  • return value of .cssText is u'' and not None if empty now

  • serializing
    • cssutils.Serializer renamed to cssutils.CSSSerializer to improve usage of

      from cssutils import *

    • cssutils has a property "ser" which is used by all classes to serialize themselves

    it is definable with a custom instance of cssutils.Serializer by setting


    • prefs['CSSImportrule.href format'] may be set to
      • 'uri': renders url(...) (default)
      • 'string': renders "..."
      • None: renders as set in CSSImportRule.hreftype
  • css.CSSCharsetRule:
    • improved parsing
    • fixed API handling (setting of encoding did not work)
  • css.CSSImportRule:
    • improved parsing
  • usage of *.getFormatted emits DeprecationWarning now and returns *.cssText

  • lots of bugfixes and refactoring of modules, classes

  • extension and refactoring of unittests

0.9a1 - 060905
  • new tokenizer, complete rewrite
    • parses strings and comments
    • parses unicode escape sequences (see following)
    • emits CSS tokens according to spec (update: not all yet (ESCAPE)!)
  • renamed module "comment" to "csscomment" and class "Comment" to "CSSComment"

  • configurable Serializer instead of pprint

  • reimplemented CSSMediaRule

0.8a6 - 050827
  • bugfixes in valuevalidator regarding values of "background-position", thanks to Tim Gerla!
0.8a5 - 050824
  • bugfix in css.Comment: if constructor was called with empty or no cssText an exception was raised, reported by Tim Gerla!
  • prepared inline comments run through epydoc and generated API docs
0.8a4 - 050814
  • csscapture.py
    • does download linked, inline and @imported stylesheets now
    • renamed csscapture.Capture to csscapture.CSSCapture
    • added options, use csspapture.py -h to view all options
  • cssutils.css.CSSStyleSheet defines literalCssText property if property cssText is set. This is the unparsed cssText and might be different to cssText e.g. in case of parser errors.

0.8a3 - 050813
  • custom log for CSSparser should work again

  • calling script cssparser has 2 new options (not using optparse yet...)

    cssparser.py filename.css [encoding[, "debug"]] 1. encoding of the filename.css to parse 2. if called with "debug" debugging mode is enabled and default log prints all messages

  • cssutils.css.CSSUnknownRule reintegrated and Tests added

  • cssutils.Comment reintegrated

    implements css.CSSRule, there a new typevalue COMMENT (=-1) is added

  • lexer does handle strings almost right now...

  • bugfixes

  • simplified lexer, still lots of simplification todo

0.8a2 - 050731
  • CSSParser may now directly be used from cssutils cssutils.cssparser as a standalone script does work too.
  • css.CSSStyleDeclaration.getPropertyCSSValue(name) implemented
  • css.CSSValue updated
  • xml.dom.InvalidModificationErr now raised by CSSRule subclasses instead of xml.dom.SyntaxErr in case a non expected rule has been tried to set
  • test are updated to the new API and work (not complete and exhaustive though but a bit more than for 0.61)
  • bugfixes in some classes due to reanimated tests
  • moved module valuevalidator from cssutils.css to cssutils. Should not be used directly anyway
  • split CSSParser in actual CSSParser and utility module used by CSSParser and each css class cssText setting method
  • loghandler.ErrorHandler does raiseExceptions by default now. Only CSSParser does overwrite this behaviour. Some tests still need to be looked into...
0.8a1 - 050730
bugfix medialist
medium "projection" was spelled wrong (ended with a space)
new examples and new structure on the website
  • new package cssutils.css which contains CSS interface implementations (css.CSSStyleSheet, css.CSSRuleList etc)

  • new package cssutils.stylesheets which contains Stylesheets interface implementations are in (stylesheets.StyleSheet, stylesheets.MediaList etc)

  • module cssutils.cssbuilder has therefor been removed and is replaced by packages cssutils.css and cssutils.stylesheets. (You may like to define your own cssbuilder module which imports all new classes with their old name if you do not want to change all your code at this time. Usage of the new names is recommended however and there are more subtle changes.)

  • CSS interfaces use W3 DOM names normally starting with CSS... now (e.g. CSSStyleSheet)

  • CSSStyleSheet now uses superclass stylesheets.StyleSheet

  • CSSImportRule is changed to comply to its specification (MediaList is after the URI and not before)

  • CSSFontfaceRule (cssutils FontfaceRule) is removed as CSS 2.1 removed this @ rule completely

  • CSSProperties is removed. Properties are useful in CSSStyleDeclaration only anyway and are used through that class now.

  • some parameters have been renamed to their respective DOM names (e.g. selector is selectorText now in CSSStyleRule constructor

  • the API has been cleaned up a bit. Some redundant methods have been removed.
    • cssmediarule: removed getRules(), use cssRules property instead
  • Comment as a rule is removed currently, might be reintegrated in a future version.

  • some classes which have not been implemented fully anyway are not available until they are finished. This is mainly CSSMediaRule (will follow shortly), CSSUnknownRule, CSSValue and other value classes.

0.61 - 050604
bugfix reported and fixed thanks to Matt Harrison:
'border-left-width' property was missing from cssvalues.py
tiny internal changes

added modules to validate Properties and Values thanks to Kevin D. Smith

MediaList renamed media type "speech" to "aural"

0.55_52 - 040517 bugfix bugfix release
should do test first ;) added unittest and fix for fix
0.55_51 - 040517 bugfix release
cssstylesheet.StyleSheet _pprint was renamed to _getCssText but the call in pprint was not changed...
0.55_5 - 040509



addProperty made/named private DEPRECATED anyway, use setProperty

parentRule raises NotImplementedError

RGBColor Implemented PrimitiveValue uses RGBColor

CSSParser uses setProperty instead of addProperty now StyleDeclaration, Value, ValueList, PrimitiveValue, RGBcolor done comparing spec and module docstrings

made list of TODOs

0.55_4 - 040502

implement *Rule.cssText setting (UnknownRule not complete)

lexer has no log anymore, simply "logs" everything to the resulting tokenlist

cssstylesheet simplified


0.55_3 not released

cssnormalizer renamed, does not work anyway at the moment

implemented StyleRule.cssText setting

cssproperties.Property has new init param raiseExceptions similar to the one of CSSParser. does not log yet and functionality might change as well * what will not change is that you can specify not officially specified properties (like moz-opacity etc)

some cleanup in various classes

0.55_2 not released
tests only
0.55_1 not released
CSSFontFaceRule and CSSPageRule style is readonly now
CSSRule implementation cssText setting improved docstrings
CSSCharsetRule, CSSFontFaceRule, CSSFontFaceRule, CSSImportRule, CSSSMediaRule, CSSPageRule, CSSStyleRule, CSSUnknownRule
use CSSRule implementation
uses codecs module to check if valid encoding given
new property styleSheet, always None for now

simplified and cleaned up sources some bugfixes

added tests

test_cssrule test_csscharsetrule, test_cssfontfacerule, test_cssimportrule,

test_mediarule, test_stylesheetrule, test_unknownrule
subclass test_cssrule now
improved unittests
test_cssstylesheet import problem removed
0.55b not released
start implementation StyleRule.cssText setting
0.54 not released
Comment.cssText contains comment delimiter attribute text of Comment private now, renamed to _text ALPHA new StyleSheet.cssText property (not in W3C DOM)
Commentable checked only for str, not unicode. now both Parser did not raises all errors, might still not do (s. a.)

added unittest for __init__ module

0.53 - 040418

!cssnormalizer does not work in this version - on hold for 1.0

new cssunknownrule.UnknownRule (moved out of module cssrule) parser now creates Unknown At-Rules in the resulting StyleSheet. they are no longer just dumped and reported in the parser log.

0.52 - 040414

!cssnormalizer does not work in this version - on hold for 1.0

whitespace in comments will be preserved now
added unittest
0.51 - 040412

!cssnormalizer does not work in this version - on hold for 1.0

API CHANGES cssrule.SimpleAtRule DEPRECATED and empty cssmediarule.MediaRule init param "medias" renamed to "media" use subclasses of CSSRule (CharsetRule, ImportRule, FontFaceRule or PageRule) instead StyleRule constructor can be called with arguments (again...) Comment attribute "comment" renamed to "text"

implemented at least partly almost all DOM Level 2 CSS interfaces now so the API should be more stable from now on

new statemachine and lexer helper classes for parsing complete rewrite of CSSParser CSSParser and lexer put all error messages in a log now you might give your own log for messages CSSParser might be configured just to log errors or to raise xml.dom.DOMExceptions when finding an error

0.41 - 040328

!cssnormalizer does not work in this version - on hold for 1.0

API CHANGES StyleSheet.getRules() returns a RuleList now class Selector removed, integrated into Rules now

moved most Classes to own module
StyleSheet, StyleRule, MediaRule, ...
0.40a - 040321

!cssnormalizer does not work in this version

API CHANGES: cssbuilder.RuleList subclasses list cssbuilder.Selector moved to cssrules attribute style of class StyleRule made private (_style) removed StyleRule.clearStyleDeclaration attribute selectorlist of class Selector renamed to _selectors and made private

NEW: MediaList class

moved tests to directory test

made a dist package complete with setup.py

0.31 - 040320

!cssnormalizer does not work in this version

API CHANGES: StyleDeclaration.addProperty is now DEPRECATED use StyleDeclaration.setProperty instead

removed CSSParser.pprint(). use CSSParser.getStyleSheet().pprint() instead
(a StyleSheet object had a pprint method anyway)
replaced cssutils own exceptions with standard xml.dom.DOMException
and subclasses !catch these exceptions instead of CSSException or CSSParserException
moved internal lists (e.g. StyleSheet.nodes list) to private vars
StyleSheet._nodes !please use methods instead of implementation details

removed cssexception module removed csscomment module, classes now directly in cssutils

more unittests, start with python cssutils/_test.py

more docs

integrated patches by Cory Dodt for SGML comments and Declaration additions added some w3c DOM methods

0.30b - 040216

severe API changes renamed some classes to (almost) DOM names, the CSS prefix of DOM names is ommited though

renamed are
  • Stylesheet TO StyleSheet
  • Rule TO StyleRule
  • AtMediaRule TO MediaRule
  • Declaration TO StyleDeclaration

the according methods are renamed as well

class hierarchy is changed as well, please see the example

classes are organized in new modules

0.24_1 - 040214
legal stuff: added licensing information no files released
0.24 - 040111
split classes in modules, has to be cleaned up again
0.24b - 040106
cleaned up cssbuilder
  • Comment now may only contain text

    and no comment end delimiter. (before it had to be a complete css comment including delimiters)

  • AtMediaRule revised completely

    validates given media types new method: addMediaType(media_type)

cssparser updated to new cssbuilder interface and logic started unittests (v0.0.0.1..., not included yet)

0.23 - 031228

new CSSNormalizer.normalizeDeclarationOrder(stylesheet)

cssbuilder: added methods needed by CSSNormalizer

CSSParser.parse bugfix

0.22 - 031226
added n for a declaration ending in addition to ; and }
docstrings added for Osman Üngür and Grant Surratt support build of a selector list in a rule
0.21 - 031226
cleaned up docstrings and added version information
0.20 - 031224
complete rewrite with combination of parser and builder classes
0.10 - 031221
first version to try if i can bring it to work at all only a prettyprinter included, no builder