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what is it
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets. (Not a renderer  though!)

about this release
0.9.6a1 is an alpha release.

main changes
0.9.6a1 090207
    - **API CHANGE**: Known but invalid properties raise/log an ERROR instead of a WARNING now. Properties not expected in the current profile log an INFO. As the default profile is ``None`` even basic properties like ``color`` are logged now. You may want to change the default profile by setting e.g. ``cssutils.profiles.defaultprofile = cssutils.profiles.Profiles.CSS_LEVEL_2`` (~ CSS 2.1) to prevent CSS 2.1 properties to be reported. Also other validation related output has been slightly changed.

        **The way to change a defaultprofile may change again.**

    - **API CHANGE**: ``cssutils.script.csscombine`` has **ONLY** keyword parameters now. Use ``csscombine(path=path[,...])`` for the old behaviour. New parameter ``url`` combines the sheet at URL now.

    + **FEATURE**: Added **experimental** profiles handling. You may add new profiles with new properties and their validation and set a defaultprofile used for validation. The current default profile is ``None`` so all predefined profiles are used. Currently 3 profiles are defined:

            Properties defined by CSS2.1
            CSS 3 color properties
            Currently overflow related properties only

      See the docs and source of the cssutils.profiles module for details.

    + **FEATURE**:  ``cssutils.util._readUrl()`` allows fetchers to pre-decode CSS content and return `unicode` instances, with or without a specified source encoding (integrated from patch of Issue #19).

    + **FEATURE**: URL fetch method checks if cssutils is run in GoogleAppEngine (GAE) (if ``import google.appengine`` is successful) and uses the GAE fetch methods instead of urllib2 in that case. So in result cssutils should run on GAE just as elsewhere.
    + **FEATURE**: Function ``cssutils.resolveImports(sheet)`` returns a new stylesheet with all rules in given sheet but with all @import rules being pulled into the top sheet.
    + FEATURE: CSSCombine script and helper function resolve nested imports now.
    + FEATURE: Script ``csscombine`` has new option ``-u URL, --url=URL     URL to parse (path is ignored if URL given)`` now

    + DOCUMENTATION: Changed documentation generation from Epydoc and home grown HTML generation to Sphinx. Not all is perfectly markup'd yet but not too bad either...

cssutils is published under the LGPL version 3 or later, see

If you have other licensing needs please let me know.

For download options see

cssutils needs Python 2.4 or higher (tested with Python 2.6.1, 2.5.2 and 2.4.4 on Vista only)

Bug reports (via Google code), comments, etc are very much appreciated! Thanks.