cssutils-hg-merge / ANN.txt

what is it
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets. (Not a renderer though!)

about this release
0.9.7b3 is a beta release but quite stable.

main changes
0.9.7b3 100620
    + API CHANGE: Changed parameters of script/utility function ``csscombine``.
            - parameter ``resolveVariables=True`` now (default was ``False`` before)
            - ``minify = True`` will not parse Comments at all. This is not really a change as comments were not kept in a minified stylesheet anyway but this may speed up stylesheet combination a bit

    + **PERFORMANCE/IMPROVEMENT**: Added parameter ``parseComments=True`` to CSSParser. If parsing with ``parser = cssutils.CSSParser(parseComments=False).parse...`` comments in a given stylesheet are simple omitted from the resulting stylesheet DOM.

    + **PERFORMANCE**: Compiled productions in cssutils tokenizer are cached now (to clear it use ``cssutils.tokenize2._TOKENIZER_CACHE.clear()``) which results in a slight performance improvement. Thanks to moscovich!

cssutils is published under the LGPL version 3 or later, see

If you have other licensing needs please let me know.

For download options see

cssutils needs Python 2.4 or higher or Jython 2.5 and higher (tested with Python 2.6.5(x64), 2.5.4(x32), 2.4.4(x32) and Jython 2.5.1 on Win7 64 only)

Bug reports (via Google code), comments, etc are very much appreciated! Thanks.