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Initial implementation

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+import Cython.Distutils.build_ext
+def set_build_ext(dist, attr, value):
+	if not value:
+		return
+	dist.cmdclass.setdefault(Cython.Distutils.build_ext)
+# Generated by jaraco.develop (https://bitbucket.org/jaraco/jaraco.develop)
+import setuptools
+setup_params = dict(
+	name='cython-plugin',
+	version="1.0",
+	author="Jason R. Coombs",
+	author_email="jaraco@jaraco.com",
+	url="https://bitbucket.org/jaraco/cython-plugin",
+	py_modules = ['cython_loader'],
+	entry_points = {
+		'distutils.setup_keywords': [
+			'use_cython = cython_loader:set_build_ext'
+		],
+	},
+	install_requires = ['cython'],
+if __name__ == '__main__':
+	setuptools.setup(**setup_params)
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