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more info about easy_install and setup.cfg refs #99

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 * Issue 80: test_develop now works with Python 3.1
 * Issue 93: upload_docs now works if there is an empty sub-directory.
 * Issue 70: exec bit on non-exec files
-* Issue 99: now easy_install doesn't usesa  "setup.cfg" if any exists in
-  the working directory.
+* Issue 99: now the standalone easy_install command doesn't uses a
+  "setup.cfg" if any exists in the working directory. It will use it
+  only if triggered by ``install_requires`` from a setup.py call
+  (install, develop, etc).

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 For more information, see also the current Python documentation on the `use and
 location of distutils configuration files <http://docs.python.org/inst/config-syntax.html>`_.
+Notice that ``easy_install`` will use the ``setup.cfg`` from the current
+working directory only if it was triggered from ``setup.py`` through the
+``install_requires`` option. The standalone command will not use that file.
 Command-Line Options
     projects, not in-development ones, because such projects may not
     have a currently-valid version number.  So, it usually only installs them
     when their ``setup.py`` directory is explicitly passed on the command line.
     However, if this option is used, then any in-development projects that were
     installed using the ``setup.py develop`` command, will be used to build
     eggs, effectively upgrading the "in-development" project to a snapshot
    installed using ``setup.py develop``.
  * Fixed not HTML-decoding URLs scraped from web pages
  * Fixed ``.dll`` files on Cygwin not having executable permisions when an egg
    is installed unzipped.