eodsfetch / eodsfetch / eodsfetch.bat

@echo off

rem This batch file demonstrates some of the options for eodsfetch.exe
rem To see all of the options available, run eodsfetch --help

rem C:\Users\jaraco\projects\hrworx-util\dist>eodsfetch --help
rem Usage: eodsfetch [options]
rem Options:
rem   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
rem   -u URL, --url=URL     URL for the admin site
rem   -n USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
rem                         Username with export priveleges
rem   -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
rem                         Password
rem   -l LOG_LEVEL, --log-level=LOG_LEVEL
rem                         level should be DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR
rem   -c RETRIEVE_COMMAND, --retrieve-command=RETRIEVE_COMMAND
rem                         Web site path to retrieval command (relative to url)
rem   -r PROXY_SERVER, --proxy-server=PROXY_SERVER
rem                         Optional proxy server and port (server:port)
rem   -s SAVE_FILE, --save-file=SAVE_FILE
rem                         filename to save data
rem   -w PROXY_PASSWORD, --proxy-password=PROXY_PASSWORD
rem                         Password for the proxy server '-' for prompt
rem   -i PROXY_USER, --proxy-user=PROXY_USER
rem                         User name for the proxy server


rem To retrieve data from the dev01 demonstration site, use the following command:
rem eodsfetch.exe -u -n -p manager -c newhires/ -s c:\EODS.xml  -i COC\psoft01 -w - -l debug

rem To review the data (without purging the records), use the "Review" command:
eodsfetch.exe -u -n -p manager -c newhires/ -s c:\EODS.xml -i COC\psoft01 -w - -l debug

rem If you don't specify a file to save to, the XML will be output to the screen
rem eodsfetch.exe -u -n -p manager -c newhires/