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ENH: Added script to find options for SGI's MipsPro compiler.

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+# These options are always needed.
+STANDARD="-quiet -o /dev/null -nostdinc -fsyntax-only"
+# Find the macro definition options and include path settings.
+touch /tmp/find_mpro_options_temp.cxx &&
+CC -LANG:std -E -v /tmp/find_mpro_options_temp.cxx 2>&1 | sed -n '
+  s/^[^ ]*//
+  s/ -A[^ ]*//g
+  s/ -X[^ ]*//g
+  s/ -E//
+  s/ -LANG:std//
+  s/ \/tmp\/find_mpro_options_temp.cxx.*$//
+  p
+rm -f /tmp/find_mpro_options_temp.cxx
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