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GCC-XML - This program dumps an XML description of C++ source code
using an extension on the GCC C++ compiler.

This README is intended as supplement to the documentation on the
GCC-XML homepage at http://www.gccxml.org.


There are two parts to GCC-XML, each of which must be built separately:
  1.)  The GCC exectutable with the GCC-XML extension (gccxml_cc1plus).
  2.)  A front-end executable that makes GCC-XML easy to run.

This README is intended to document the front-end executable.  See the
web page for instructions to build the patched GCC executable.

The standard way to build the GCC-XML front-end is to use CMake (see
links at bottom to get it).  CMake will generate an appropriate build
system for your platform and compiler.  There are separate
instructions for UNIX and Windows users.

UNIX & Cygwin:
These instructions assume that the front-end will be built
out-of-source (recommended), but an in-source build should also work.

$ mkdir GCC_XML-build
$ cd GCC_XML-build
$ cmake ../GCC_XML -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/installation/path
$ make
$ make install

  (The "-D..." option can be left off if you want
   to use "/usr/local" as the installation prefix.)

This will install an executable called "gccxml" in PREFIX/bin.  You
should place the "gccxml_cc1plus" executable next to it in this
directory.  Support library files will also be placed in

Run the CMakeSetup GUI to generate the build system for your compiler.
Load the resulting project file and build it.  You should be able to
run the executable directly from the build directory.


Once GCC-XML has been properly configured, it can be run from the
command line like this:

  gccxml input.cxx -fxml=output.xml

Use "gccxml --help" for a full list of options and configuration help.


GCC-XML homepage:


CMake homepage:


GCC-XML mailing list address:


GCC-XML mailing list page:


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