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Prepping for version 0.7.2 release

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 	python --summary="Version $(shell python --version)" --project=httplib2 dist/*.tar.gz
 	python --summary="Version $(shell python --version)" --project=httplib2 dist/*.zip
-	#pudge -v -f --modules=httplib2 --dest=build/doc 
+	pudge -v -f --modules=httplib2 --dest=build/doc 


     "Sam Ruby",
     "Louis Nyffenegger"]
 __license__ = "MIT"
-__version__ = "0.7.0"
+__version__ = "0.7.2"
 import re
 import sys


     "Louis Nyffenegger",
     "Mark Pilgrim"]
 __license__ = "MIT"
-__version__ = "0.7.0"
+__version__ = "0.7.2"
 import re 
 import sys 
 import sys
 pkgdir = {'': 'python%s' % sys.version_info[0]}
-VERSION = '0.7.1'
+VERSION = '0.7.2'
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