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2003-10-30  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.4.1.

	* debian/examples: Added dccreceive and dccsend as example files
	in Debian.

	* Likewise.

2003-10-29  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* debian: Added Debian packaging files.

	* Create from

	* RPM spec file from Gary Benson.

	* (TestBot.on_nicknameinuse): New method.

	* (ServerConnection.process_data): Record nickname when
	welcome message is sent to trap nickname change triggered in a
	nicknameinuse callback.

	* (SingleServerIRCBot._on_join): Use
	Connection.get_nickname instead of relying on self._nickname.
	(SingleServerIRCBot._on_kick): Likewise.
	(SingleServerIRCBot._on_part): And here too.
	(SingleServerIRCBot._on_nick): No need to remember nickname change

2003-08-31  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.4.0.

	Implemented DCC support (based on patches from Adam Langley and
	Marco Bettio):

	* (IRC.dcc): New method.
	(DCCConnectionError): New class.
	(DCCConnection): New class.
	(SimpleIRCClient.__init__): Added dcc_connections attribute.
	(SimpleIRCClient._dcc_disconnect): New method.
	(SimpleIRCClient.connect): Added localaddress and
	localport parameters. The socket will be bound accordingly before
	(SimpleIRCClient.dcc_connect): New method.
	(SimpleIRCClient.dcc_listen): New method.
	(ip_numstr_to_quad): New function.
	(ip_quad_to_numstr): New function.

	* (SingleServerIRCBot.on_ctcp): Relay DCC CHAT CTCPs to
	the on_dccchat method.

	* Added support for accepting DCC chats and for
	initiating DCC chats via a "dcc" command.

	* dccreceive: New example program.

	* dccsend: New example program.

	* Makefile: Added dccreceive and dccsend to dist files.

	Other changes:

	* Added.

	* (ServerConnection.connect, ServerConnection.user):
	Send USER command according to RFC 2812.
	(ServerConnection.connect): Added localaddress and
	localport parameters. The socket will be bound accordingly before
	(ServerConnection.process_data): Ignore empty lines from the
	server. (Patch by Jason Wies.)
	(ServerConnection._get_socket): Simplified.
	(ServerConnection.remove_global_handler): Added. (Patch from
	Brandon Beck.)

	* (SingleServerIRCBot.on_ctcp): Prepend VERSION reply
	with VERSION. (Patch from Andrew Gaul.)

	* Makefile: Added to dist files. Also create zip archive.

	* README: Added requirements and installation sections.

2002-03-01  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.3.4.

	Corrected problems spotted by Markku H�nninen <>:

	* irccat2 (IRCCat.on_welcome): Added missing connection argument.
	(IRCCat.on_join): Likewise.
	(IRCCat.on_disconnect): Likewise.

	* (ServerConnection.ison): Bug fix: Join nicks by space
	instead of commas.

	* (ServerConnection.whowas): Bug fix: Let the max
	argument default to the empty string.

	* (numeric_events): Added new events: traceservice,
	tracereconnect, tryagain, invitelist, endofinvitelist, exceptlist,
	endofexceptlist, unavailresource, nochanmodes, banlistfull,
	restricted and uniqopprivsneeded.

2002-02-17  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.3.3.

	* Makefile, README, .cvsignore: Removed documentation generated by
	pythondoc.  Use pydoc instead.

	* servermap: Removed some excess whitespace.

	* README: Mention

	* Makefile (dist): Changed archive name from irclib-* to

	Changed license from GPL 2 to LGPL 2.1:

	* COPYING: New license text.

	*,, servermap: New license header.

2001-10-21  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.3.2.

	* (_parse_modes): Fixed problem found by Tom Morton: the
	mode parsing code bailed out if a unary mode character didn't have
	a corresponding argument.

	* (_alpha): Fixed bug found by Tom Morton: w was missing
	in the alphabet used by irc_lower().

	* Removed redundant import of is_channel.

	* servermap: Clarified copyright and license.

	* irccat: Ditto.

	* irccat2: Ditto.

2000-12-11  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.3.1.

	* (IRC.process_once): Work-around for platform-dependent
	select() on Windows systems.

	* Clarification of SingleServerIRCBot doc string.

2000-11-26  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.3.0.

	* Makefile (dist): Include again.

	* README: Updated.

	* (ServerConnection.get_nickname): Renamed from
	(ServerConnection._get_socket): Return None if not connected.

2000-11-25  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* (ServerConnection.process_data): all_raw_messages
	instead of allrawmessages.
	(IRC._handle_event): Added "all_events" event type.
	(nm_to_n): Renamed from nick_from_nickmask.
	(nm_to_uh): Renamed from userhost_from_nickmask.
	(nm_to_h): Renamed from host_from_nickmask.
	(nm_to_u): Renamed from user_from_nickmask.
	(SimpleIRCClient): Created.

2000-11-22  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* (lower_irc_string): Use translation instead.
	(ServerConnection.process_data): Split non-RFC-compliant lines a
	bit more intelligently.
	(ServerConnection.process_data): Removed unnecessary try/except
	(ServerConnection.get_server_name): Return empty server if
	(_rfc_1459_command_regexp): Tweaked a bit.

	* Rewritten.

2000-11-21  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* (IRC.process_forever): Default to processing a bit
	more often.

2000-10-29  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.2.4.

	* Makefile (dist): Include generated documentation in

	* Makefile (doc): Make documentation.

	* Updated documentation.

	* (is_channel): Included "!" as channel prefix.

2000-10-02  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.2.3.

	* (ServerConnection.connect): Make socket.connect() work
	for Python >= 1.6.

2000-09-26  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.2.2.

	* (ServerConnection.user): Fixed erroneous format

2000-09-24  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.2.1.

	* (ServerConnection.process_data): Bug fix (didn't keep
	track of nick name).
	(IRC.process_once): New method.
	(ServerConnection.process_data): Bug fix.
	(IRC.disconnect_all): Created.
	(IRC.exit): Removed.
	(ServerConnection.exit): Removed.
	(ServerConnection.connect): Follow RFC closer.
	(ServerConnection.user): Follow RFC closer.

	* Removed.

	* irccat (on_disconnect): Just sys.exit(0).

	* servermap (on_disconnect): Just sys.exit(0).

	* Various documentation and some clean-ups.

1999-08-21  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released version 0.2.0.

	* servermap: Updated to work with irclib 0.2.0.

	* irccat: Updated to work with irclib 0.2.0.

	* Updated to work with irclib 0.2.0.  The bot now
 	checks every minute that it is connected.  If it's not, it

	* Changes in how to create a ServerConnection object.
  	Made the code for handling disconnection hopefully more robust.
  	Renamed connect() to sconnect().

1999-06-19  Joel Rosdahl  <>

	* Released 0.1.0.