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Removed documentation generated by pythondoc. Use pydoc instead.

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 VERSION := $(shell sed -n -e '/VERSION = /{s/VERSION = \(.*\), \(.*\), \(.*\)/\1.\2.\3/;p;}' <
-all: doc
+	echo "Nothing to do."
-	rm -r doc
-	mkdir doc
-	PYTHONPATH=. pythondoc -d doc -f HTML4 -i frame=1 irclib ircbot
-dist: doc
 	mkdir python-irclib-$(VERSION)
 	cp -r COPYING README ChangeLog Makefile irccat \
-	      irccat2 servermap doc python-irclib-$(VERSION)
+	      irccat2 servermap python-irclib-$(VERSION)
 	tar cvzf python-irclib-$(VERSION).tar.gz python-irclib-$(VERSION)
 	rm -r python-irclib-$(VERSION)
   * Like most projects, documentation is lacking...
 Unfortunately, this library isn't as well-documented as I would like
-it to be.  There is some documentation in HTML format in the doc
-subdirectory.  It is generated from the docstrings in by the
-pythondoc utility.  I think the best way to get started is to read and
+it to be.  I think the best way to get started is to read and
 understand the example program irccat, which is included in the
     The library itself.  Read the code along with comments and
     docstrings to get a grip of what it does.  Use it at your own risk
-    and read the source, Luke!  There is also an HTML version of the
-    docstring documentation in the doc subdirectory.
+    and read the source, Luke!
   * irccat