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Merge changes from 7.1.1

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 0ca8d8bf8d2f6b72d5b4302fb8c94b0b2bf48dae 6.0.1
 a5ac53057f0726cf00830918b8e246e6da27d695 7.0
 b7816c2735ad713432cb99d745e06f6736646d45 7.1
+04b0b7b34f90c19a6421760602910ee5d5ed43a3 7.1.1
 Readability, maintainability, and usability go up.
+* Fixed regression created in 7.0 where PeriodicCommandFixedDelay would only
+  cause the first command to be scheduled, but not subsequent ones.
     def _dispatcher(self, connection, event):
-        Dispatch event from connection.
+        Dispatch events to on_<event.type> method, if present.
         log.debug("_dispatcher: %s", event.type)
-        m = "on_" + event.type
-        if hasattr(self, m):
-            getattr(self, m)(connection, event)
+        do_nothing = lambda c, e: None
+        method = getattr(self, "on_" + event.type, do_nothing)
+        method(connection, event)
     def _dcc_disconnect(self, c, e):
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