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Server now sends empty MOTD message, some clients require it. Server now sends ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND on unknown command.

git-svn-id: 73c2b06a-06ba-454a-85af-d11de2e08ddc

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 ERR_NOSUCHNICK       = '401'
                                 params = ''
                             handler = getattr(self, 'handle_%s' % (command.lower()), None)
                             if not handler:
+                      'No handler for command: %s' % (line))
+                                raise IRCError(ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND, '%s :Unknown command' % (command))
                                 # FIXME: Raise an error here and send it to the client.
-                      'No handler for command: %s' % (line))
                             response = handler(params)
                         except AttributeError, e:
                 # Someone else is using the nick
                 raise IRCError(ERR_NICKNAMEINUSE, 'NICK :%s' % (nick))
-                # Nick is available, register and send welcome
+                # Nick is available, register, send welcome and MOTD.
                 self.nick = nick
                 self.server.clients[nick] = self
                 response = ':%s %s %s :%s' % (self.server.servername, RPL_WELCOME, self.nick, SRV_WELCOME)
-                return(response)
+                self.send_queue.append(response)
+                response = ':%s 376 %s :End of MOTD command.' % (self.server.servername, self.nick)
+                self.send_queue.append(response)
+                return()
             if self.server.clients.get(nick, None) == self:
                 # Already registered to user
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