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Add ipv6 option to Factory init, no *need* to use legacy function for ipv6 now

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         wrapper = functools.partial(ssl.wrap_socket, ssl_cert=get_cert())
+    To create an IPv6 connection:
+        Factory(ipv6=True)(server_address)
     Note that Factory doesn't save the state of the socket itself. The
     caller must do that, as necessary. As a result, the Factory may be
     re-used to create new connections with the same settings.
     family = socket.AF_INET
-    def __init__(self, bind_address=('', 0), wrapper=identity):
+    def __init__(self, bind_address=('', 0), wrapper=identity, ipv6=False):
         self.bind_address = bind_address
         self.wrapper = wrapper
+        if ipv6:
+   = socket.AF_INET6
     def from_legacy_params(self, localaddress='', localport=0, ssl=False,
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