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Version 0.3.1.

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+2000-12-11  Joel Rosdahl  <>
+	* Released version 0.3.1.
+	* (IRC.process_once): Work-around for platform-dependent
+	select() on Windows systems.
+	* Clarification of SingleServerIRCBot doc string.
 2000-11-26  Joel Rosdahl  <>
 	* Released version 0.3.0.
     The bot keeps track of the channels it has joined, the other
     clients that are present in the channels and which of those that
-    have operator or voice modes.
+    have operator or voice modes.  The "database" is kept in the
+    self.channels attribute, which is an IRCDict of Channels.
     def __init__(self, server_list, nickname, realname, reconnection_interval=60):
         """Constructor for SingleServerIRCBot objects.
 import time
 import types
-VERSION = 0, 3, 0
+VERSION = 0, 3, 1
 DEBUG = 0
         sockets = map(lambda x: x._get_socket(), self.connections)
         sockets = filter(lambda x: x != None, sockets)
-        (i, o, e) =, [], [], timeout)
-        self.process_data(i)
+        if sockets:
+            (i, o, e) =, [], [], timeout)
+            self.process_data(i)
+        else:
+            time.sleep(timeout)
     def process_forever(self, timeout=0.2):
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