Jason R. Coombs  committed 61e4b98

Removed nm_to_* functions

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  - Event.arguments() -> Event.arguments
+The `nm_to_*` functions were removed. Instead, use the NickMask class
 Also, the parameter name when constructing an event was renamed from
 `eventtype` to simply `type`.

File irc/

     def user(self):
         return self.userhost.split("@"[0])
-# for backward compatibility
-def nm_to_n(s): return NickMask(s).nick
-def nm_to_uh(s): return NickMask(s).userhost
-def nm_to_h(s): return NickMask(s).host
-def nm_to_u(s): return NickMask(s).user
 def _ping_ponger(connection, event):
     "A global handler for the 'ping' event"